Champion 3500W RV Ready Portable Quiet Generator

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The freedom of having a portable generator when you’re travelling is amazing. Just think about how much more fun you can have when you’re in a forest. Or, the lakeside and you have full access to electricity, thanks to a portable quiet generator. 

Your options and experiences change entirely once you buy a portable generator. This is because it takes away the worry of little things like charging your phone, having lights in your tents etc.

There is a wide variety of portable generators in the market, which you can buy. The availability of so many options also makes the task of choosing one for yourself, a super confusing one. 

But, to make that task more comfortable for you, we’ve come up with a tremendous quiet generator that will fulfil all your portable generator needs. 

In this article, we’ll be diving into the details of the Champion 3500W RV Ready Portable Generator, which is a fantastic quiet generator, capable of taking care of all your trip needs. 

The company Champion Power Equipment is a big name for making a quality quiet generator with great portability. Based in the United States, the company has managed to grow its business to all parts of North America and further on to the world market. 

The Champion 3500W RV Ready Portable comes with a ton of features that makes it great not only to be used with an RV but also as a backup generator for your home. One of the best features about this product is the fact that it provides enough power to run almost anything in your, but it’s still a quiet generator. 

The engine on this is a 4-stroke 196cc Champion Single Cylinder OHV engine, which is capable of producing 4000 starting watts and 3500 running watts.


RV Ready

One of the unique features of this quiet generator is that it’s RV ready. This means that you don’t need to travel with a bunch of extra cables and waste time figuring out how to connect the generator to the RV. 

With the Champion RV Ready Portable Generator, all you need to do is plug in a cable into the 30A RV outlet and leave the rest to the generator. The best part? It’s powerful enough to run a 15,000 BTU RV Air Conditioner easily. This is something which was designed particularly while keeping in mind the needs of RV users. 

Cold Weather Reliability 

Another great feature of this reliable, quiet generator is the fact that it features the Cold Start Technology. This means that you don’t have to worry about your generator not starting due to the cold weather, so being stuck in the middle of nowhere in the cold, doesn’t sound so scary anymore, thanks to the Champion 3500W Portable RV Ready Generator.

Are you worried about going out and manually starting it? Champion Equipment has also thought of that! The generator comes with a remote control that can automatically start the generator, so you can just relax inside your RV or home and get the generator run with just the press of a button. 

Volt Guard Technology

Sometimes generators tend to trip, cause fluctuations and in worst cases, even blow out some running appliances if the voltage goes a little up and down. Luckily, that will never be the case with the Champion RV Ready Generator. This is because this generator comes with the Volt Guard Technology, which protects your appliances from sudden power surges and fluctuations and also prevents overloads, giving you a smooth experience. 

Great Capacity 

The engine of this portable generator is powerful yet efficient. This is backed up by the fact that it can easily run for up to 12 hours straight on a full tank. The generator also has a sufficient fuel tank capacity of 3.8 gallons. 

Moreover, there’s also a low-level oil shutoff sensor that indicates if the oil is running low, so you don’t keep on running it on the same level and quickly fill the oil tank up. 

Perfect As A Backup Generator 

With a noise level of 68 dBA from 23 feet, it’s a decent quiet generator that can be used in your RV but also your home as a backup generator. Due to the power, it can create, it can run almost all the major appliances in your home with ease.

The portable size of the generator further makes it a favorable choice for most users to be used as a backup generator in their homes. 

Design And Outlets

The generator has a highly durable steel frame that protects all the insides of the generator. The yellow color of the body makes it more attractive and makes it look cleaner as the dust doesn’t look prominent on the color. 

It has several different outlets for increased accessibility and ease in usage. It consists of a 120V 30A locking socket, a 120V 30A RV outlet along with two 120V 20A outlets. The Volt Guard Technology secures all the outlets so you can easily make use of all outlets, without any worries. 

Warranty & Customer Support

Lastly, the Champion Support is spread all across the nation to take all kinds of complaints, listen to issues and cater to warranty claims. The warranty on this innovative, quiet generator is for 3 years which covers all damages and repairs. And to add to their customers’ experience, the company also gives FREE lifetime technical support. 


  • Quiet generator with 68 dBA noise level
  • All outlets protected by the Volt Guard Technology
  • Amazing free lifetime technical support
  • 3 years of the limited warranty
  • Fuel efficient
  • High-quality steel durable frame


  • Not CARB compliant


If you’re an RV owner and someone who loves to go on trips, then the Champion 3500W RV Ready Portable Quiet Generator is an excellent choice for you. With features like the ability to run even in extreme weather conditions; an automatic startup using a remote and the qualities of a perfect backup generator, it’s safe to say that it will be worth your money. 

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