Champion 3800-Watt Dual Fuel RV Ready Portable Propane Generator with Electric Start

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Electricity has become one of the essential things in our lives; every electronic device demands power, and these devices surround us. It is produced by a grid and provided to your homes usually; however, you can carry it around as well. With the Champion 3800-Watt dual fuel RV Ready Portable propane generator, you will be able to run any electric device, anywhere, at the push of a button.

So, if you want to take a trip with your family, go on a work trip or travel for recreational purposes, this RV-ready portable propane generator can accompany you and allow you to run any equipment you want, enabling a home-like environment.  

Electricity delivered at homes almost always suffices for our everyday needs. However, if you need to add to your existing supply, the Champion 3800-Watt is an excellent option. The generator is also great for power outages.

Let’s look at its amazing features.


Dual fuel:

While it is enough that the generator is providing you with an easy-to-use source of electricity, you would be pleasantly surprised to hear that it comes with dual fuel capacity. You can run it on gasoline as well as propane. 

Looking into the differences between the two fuels, we have found that propane is more environmentally friendly. Gasoline, on the other hand, burns more and produces higher exhaust gases, polluting the air. Propane is also known to be more expensive than gasoline, is in the gas phase at room conditions, and colorless and odorless. 

So, having the option of both fuels, you can switch to whichever you deem suitable considering its pros and cons. 

Powerful and durable:

With a four-stroke engine, this portable generator delivers high power while maintaining its durability; when a motor rotates with a four-stroke, its RPM is low, and chances of damage are also minimized as it wears out slower. Four-stroke engines are durable and don’t wear out quickly. 


One major factor while considering any generator is the time it delivers power per tank-full. With a 3800 running watt, on a 20-lbs propane tank, the generator runs for about 10.5 hours while up to 9 hours on a full gasoline tank. The dual-fuel feature produces a combined run-time of 19.5 hours, more than enough you would need. 

Easy touch-start:

Gone are the days when you had to start your generator manually; that was inconvenient. We have a one-button touch-start now; with just a push of a button, your generator starts delivering the electricity you need. A 244cc engine with touch-start power this propane generator; the gasoline starting and running amps are 120V-39.6A and 120V-31.7A, respectively, while the propane starting and running amps are 120V-35.6A and 120V-28.5A, respectively. 

Protection from power surges:

A power surge is a spike in your equipment’s electric current. Although it is for a very brief period, the damage it does to your machine is not little. The household outlets supported by Volt Guards in this portable propane generator protects your equipment from power surges and keeps them safe. 

Technical Support:

When you are satisfied with your purchase, you get peace of mind. If the company is offering you more than a momentary peace of mind, you should take it; the Champion 3800-Watt propane generator comes with lifetime technical support, providing you long-lasting peace of mind. 

Additionally, the Champion Power Equipment company is extending a 3-year limited warranty to its customers. This ensures greater trust in the company’s products as you can take it back to the company within three years. 


The package comes with a user manual; it provides every detail on how to use the propane generator, and how to troubleshoot any problem. Plus, the cold start technology of the Champion Power Equipment allows you to start the generator in cold weather. 

Portable and safe:

With the folding handle, you can easily carry the propane generator where ever you want. The safety fuel selector switch allows safe switching between the two available types of fuels. The generator runs on one fuel at a time; this is for the safety of the user. You cannot and should not use both fuels together. Low-oil shut off feature turns the engine off when the fuel reaches a specific limit, saving your equipment from damage. 

Relatively quieter:

Conversation noises range between 50 and 65 decibels. Considering that, you can estimate how loud a 68 dB-from-23 feet generator could be. While every generator produces noise, this propane generator is not likely to cause much annoyance to your eardrums.  

If you wish to know more about generators then have a look at this detailed guide on the 10 best generators.


  • Suitable for work, home, or recreational activities. 
  • Single cylinder.
  • Dual fuel; gasoline and propane.
  • Push-button electric start. 
  • Propane hose. 
  • Safe and portable. 
  • Lifetime technical support. 
  • 3-year limited warranty. 


  • It could be loud if placed at a small distance.
  • A little hard to set up.


You can’t control the grid stations that provide electricity to your home. However, you can have an alternative source always ready whenever there is a power outage. Additionally, if you want to carry a considerable electricity potential in a compact device, the portable propane generator from Champion Power Equipment is the solution. Carry this portable machine wherever you want, in an RV, maybe, and get the necessary power on the push of a button.

This propane generator allows you to choose from two power sources: propane and gasoline. There is a safety fuel selector switch, which enables you to switch between the two fuel types; you can only use one fuel at a time; it is necessary for your safety. It is durable, long-lasting, and comes with lifetime technical support. This compact generator protects your home appliances from sudden power surges through a Volt Guard. With one-button touch-start, you don’t have to exert any energy to get a generator working anymore. 

We recommend this propane generator because of its quality, fuel variety, safety, technical support, and durability. So, go through the features listed above in detail and make an informed buying decision.