How To Clean Up Generator Power

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Every house has a generator these days to provide backup supply for emergencies. However, not every house may have an upgraded version. With evolving technology, there are upgraded generators in the market. These offer more than just plain old power. In fact, some generators can deliver dirty power. Therefore, you must know how to clean up generator power.

The newest have claimed to provide a clean supply of electricity. With a few extra bucks you can live worry-free. But, not all people might be ready to invest in the new ones. Especially those who already have a perfectly good traditional generator at home.

Are you having trouble with power like the flickering of light? Are constant fluctuations in power and power surges a problem? This means your generator might be providing dirty power. For this, you might need a solution pronto.

Why Do You Need To Clean Power?

We all might have experienced dirty electricity while getting some power supply. You might not have heard this one before but you certainly would have experienced it. If you’ve had breaker tripping, flickering lights and poor factors then it is one case of dirty power. And this is not all, there are issues with transformer or equipment vibration. It may also be due to lower system capacity.

Sensitive appliances like mobile phones, laptops, and computers are especially vulnerable to this. And to prevent your appliances from damaging you need clean power. Dirty Power is a loosely used term for any power-related issues in your household.

Power supply units like generators are usually the cause of bad electricity. Which is why dirty power is becoming a more prevalent issue.

Dirty Power is caused when the generator does not supply the expected power. The generator is designed to handle only the expected power supply. So, when this does not match the norm there are disruptions.

You shouldn’t take any of this lightly. If this continues it will damage your appliances or cause them to malfunction. The constant dirty power can also be an expensive issue to deal with.

There might be several reasons why your generator might be delivering dirty power. It can be due to surges, frequency variations, voltage variations, etc.

If you want to detect dirty power at its early stages check more on electronics. Sensitive devices like phones, laptops, and tablets quickly detect faulty supply. 

What Are The Causes Of Dirty Power

An abnormality in the power supply is Dirty Power. Before finding any solutions for dirty power you need to look at the root because of it. This will help you understand the appropriate solutions your generator might need. Abnormality in power can be due to several reasons:

  •  Imbalanced Load.
  •  Outages due to the failure of a certain part.
  •  A voltage sag which is actually when the voltage falls below the normal level.
  •  Over Voltages, when voltage is above its normal level.
  •  Harmonic distortion. This is usually caused by switching loads on and off again and again.

In a generator, there are mostly frequency variations and voltage variations. Solutions suitable for frequency variations might not work for voltage variations. So, you must be careful in choosing what suits your situation best. 

Also, not setting up a proper system for regulation can be dangerous. Along with that, these are unsophisticated and do not provide proper regulation. Finding a proper power regulator might look expensive at first but it is a great investment.

How To Clean Up Generator Power

If you experience any of the above signs of dirty power, then you need to clean up your generator power. In this article, we will guide you on how to clean up generator power. There are multiple ways to do that. You can use an inverter, a UPS, Power line conditioner and voltage regulator, etc.

Buy an Inverter Generator

The safest and easier way to obtain clean power is by buying an inverter generator. An inverter generator is a smart generator that creates power according to the load. If the load is too much it will create more power to suit it and if the load is less, then it will reduce the rpm. This will help you save fuel as well as energy. This is what makes an inverter generator provide clean electricity. It also recognizes any harmonic distortion and removes it.

This shows its efficiency in maintaining the required amount of voltage. This is an upgrade compared to conventional generators.

But, buying an inverter generator just after you have bought a conventional one doesn’t seem like the right idea. It is a double investment not everyone might be ready for. But if you haven’t bought a generator this might be the best option to obtain clean electricity.

Do you already have a traditional generator at home? Then the following solutions might help you through obtaining a clean power supply.

How to Clean Up Generator Power Using a UPS (Uninterruptible Power System)

UPS is one of the simplest devices in the power supply industry. They have basic circuitry that is connected to one or more large batteries. UPS can supply power. You can connect it to generators to smoothen the wave.

This takes us to our next point, how you will have to find a specific generator to provide clean power. The market is brimming with UPSs but you will have to find a specific one that will connect to your generator. 

Using any UPS may not be a safe option but one that connects to the generator. The UPS will convert the dirty power into a perfect sine wave. It converts the current internally making the power safe to use. 

If you want to use cleaner power at home without any hassle, you can purchase a smart UPS. It will provide power for sensitive electronics easily.

It has an AVR or automatic voltage regulator fitted in. This makes sure your appliances only get the cleanest power.

A UPS will be great at handling any voltage variations that can lead to dirty power. But, if there are any frequency variations then UPS may not be a suitable option.

How to Clean Up Generator Power Using a Separate Voltage Regulator

An AVR or automatic voltage regulator will help you counter any frequency variations. This way your generator will provide clean power. Voltage regulators are usually used in automobiles to provide stable power.

An AVR works by detecting any changes in the power supply and then adjusting it according to the load. It converts dirty power into a clean one without any disruptions. There is no need for converting the supply to DC as well.

To make sure the AVR can handle your capacity, make sure to buy one that suits your generator. Also, check if it can handle the load as well. You can also add a surge suppressor along with this if you want.

How to Clean Up Generator Power Using a Power Line Conditioner

Another way to clean up the voltage is by using a power line generator. This is one affordable option that will go with your conventional generator. By adding in a power line conditioner you can make sure high voltage does not damage expensive appliances.

You can get one of these at a very nominal price. These are quite easy to use as well. Even people new with generators will understand the process.

However, while purchasing one of these, you must be careful to get the right one otherwise it will be of no use.

Apart from these, you can protect your appliances using surge protectors. Frequency filters and power factor correctors are other great solutions.

Other Alternatives

If any of the above, don’t solve your problem and the issue persists you can look into the generator. This will help to find the problem if it’s in the generator. The constant fluctuations in the power supply may be due to loose wires or frayed wires. Due to weak connections, the power supply may be distorted. Moreover, due to excess grime or dirt in the engine, it might generate the power it is rated for.

It is usually because people don’t invest in oil filters that might damage your engine.

In short,  the fluctuating power supply may be due to the lack of maintenance of your generator. Make sure it works before looking for technical support.

Final Word

We have listed all the possible solutions for the electricity problems. Your priority must be securing your appliances and all the sensitive electronics. Dirty power can be very dangerous and a quick solution is important.

The key to finding the right solution to your problem is experimenting. You can experiment with different alternatives until you find the right one. 

If you are short on time, then consulting a technician might be the best option. This one might be a bit costly but works well for those who see time as money.

Lastly, you should also be attentive to oil changes. Read this guide on how to change generator oil and also learn, how important it is for the well being of your generator.