What Can A 5000 Watt Generator Run?

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Modern technology has made us capable of not worrying whenever there is a power cut. Areas, where there are bad weather conditions and power outages, quite frequently find generators a necessity. Generators help in providing a backup almost instantly. A generator with enough wattages can run your refrigerator, microwave, devices and sometimes even the temperature control appliances like a heater or air conditioners. One of the most common questions asked by generator users is “what can a 5000 watt generator run”? Well, this guide will answer your question.

A 5000-watt generator is a quite powerful one. One of these can easily turn on your air conditioning/ heater, pump, freezer and fridge with watts to spare. If you are of the adventurous type, you would be happy to know that this generator can power one large RV, even running a small air conditioning. A 5000-watt generator can power several different devices in your home but it can only do that temporarily.

Importance of 5000 Watts Generator

In modern times, having no generator will cost you greatly in case of a power outage. If you are running a business, even a few moments of a power cut can be crucial. Generators provide an alternative supply of power to run your appliances for a few hours. Generators are significant also because they provide supply where leads and electricity cannot reach. In areas like your front lawn, and construction sites generators have proved themselves very useful.

Temperature Control

In places where temperature control is very important like food businesses that need to keep the freezers running and small diners, such generators help in keeping the kitchen running. A 5000-watt generator is a medium-sized generator that will provide you with enough energy to run a couple of large appliances along with several smaller ones. This is just the right load threshold for households and small businesses. This means it caters to most of the demands of people.

Camping Trip

A generator like this one would be great for a camping trip with friends where you can enjoy your fullest. It can even cater barbeque and bonfire parties at the beach making sure you have music and a large RV running.


Generators have become an integral part of offices as well. A 5000-watt generator can be helpful around a small office if they want the heater or air conditioning running. But it can cater to large offices too if there is no need for any temperature control. 


In case of emergencies, generators are useful. You might have a crucial work-related deadline coming up and you might need to start up your PC, printer, and scanner. This generator can easily take on those. In warmer areas keeping the fridge running is an emergency because everything in the fridge might rot otherwise.

One cannot just deny the importance of power supply. Generators do come handy in such times. In short, getting a generator will not just help you in emergencies but will also relax your lifestyle.

Uses of 5000 Watts Generator

The uses of a 5000 generator are countless. There are many appliances it can power due to its high power rating. People keep it in their homes, workplaces, for camping trips and even to power something outside their houses. So, what can a 5000 watts’ generator run?

Backup Supply For Your Home

One of these generators will make a perfect backup supply for your home. The generator has just enough power to light up all the small kitchen appliances, along with refrigerators and devices like laptops and computers. Along with these, it can take on a pump and an AC as well. This makes it the perfect choice for household use. However, it may not take on central heating or cooling. For that, you may have to move on to a more powerful generator.

Construction Sites

Another place generators are widely used are construction sites. Construction sites have no power supply, so the workers need something to run these machines. A 5000-watt generator can be of great use here turning on machines like drills, grinders, and sprays. These machines must have a rating well under 5000 watts.

The best part is you can use this generator to heat your water, however with a water heater connected you may have no other appliance running as all the watts are being used.

Outdoor Picnics

Generators are also used to enjoy a relaxed and stress-free camping trip. Camping trips are better when you have everything in order. A 5000-watt generator can easily power the lights and kitchen of your large RV. You can enjoy a nice and hot cup of coffee, warm up any leftover food in the microwave and enjoy either the heating or the cooling for a peaceful sleep.

Makes Your Life Easier

In the wintery nights, a generator will make sure you sleep in a warm room, during storms it will provide electricity, if you need to power a machine outdoors, it will give you the right power supply. A generator is certainly a handy tool that will make sure your life is easier.

Some generators are portable too so they can be carried with you anywhere. Moreover, some are also CARB- compliant which means they do not release toxic gases in the air.

Now, let’s move on to the burning question, what can a 5000 watt generator run?

What Can A 5000 Watt Generator Run?

One of the most prominent questions while buying a 5000 Watts generator is the appliances it can take on. Even though it is one of the most asked questions, there still revolves great ambiguity around this. To know if a 5000 Watt generator can take on your power needs, you need to know exactly what tools and appliances it can power.

To understand this in more detail, you must have a general idea about the surge wattage and rated wattage. The surge wattage is the higher wattage that allows your appliances to start and run. Appliances usually need more or sometimes double their actual wattage to run which is why surge wattage is the wattage the generator provides for the first few seconds. 

After that the surge wattage is provided then it returns to-rated wattage, on which it will run for hours. This information is necessary to make sure that the surge wattage for your appliance lies in the range of the generator. If you run an appliance below the surge wattage but greater than rated wattage, then you will overload the engine.

Air Conditioner or Space Heaters

One of the major places where a generator is used is as a backup power supply in case of a power cut. Places with unpredictable weather use it to keep their houses warm and power the necessary appliances when there is no electricity. Before buying a generator, you need to look at what appliances you need it for and their power wattage.

Few of the heavier appliances at our homes include central heating (5000 Watts and more) and Central Air conditioning (3800 watts to 6000 watts depending on size). Now, these are the rated watts the surge watts will definitely exceed the limit. In this case, a 5000 watts’ generator would not be ideal to take the load of central heating or air conditioning.

However, as an alternative, you can pair up the generator with an Air conditioner or a space heater, according to your requirement. A space heater has 600 rated watts and starting watts of 1500. An air conditioner requires 1200 watts for running and 1800 watts for starting. Both of these are extremely essential in areas where power cut is more often and temperature control is a basic necessity. You can power one of these temperature control appliances along with other low power appliances like toaster or coffee makers.


Another real power-hungry appliance usually found in homes are pumps. Well Pumps and Sump pumps make sure you have enough water supply for our household. In the case of water shortage during a power outage, a pump can become a vital need because sufficient water in the house is important.

A good pump or a Sump Pump are usually installed. A good pump has 1000 rated watts and 2000 to 4000 starting watts. A sump pump has 800 running watts and 1500 to 3000 starting watts. Now the tricky part is that pumps have low enough running watts, however, their surge watts is almost quadrupled. Powering a pump along with another appliance might overload the engine.

To prevent this, it is advisable to first plug in the pump so that the surge watts do not affect the generator. When the pump starts working at rated watts you can plug in other appliances. The best part is that you can plug in an air conditioner/ space heater, a water pump and still have enough watts to turn on the refrigerator, freezer and other electronics like mobile phones, etc.

Kitchen Appliances

The generator must provide enough temporary power supply that we can carry on with our everyday lives. The kitchen is where most of the electricity requirement is starting from the refrigerator and cooking appliances like a blender, grinder, coffee maker, etc.

These everyday appliances are more in use than other household appliances but require less wattage. Keeping the refrigerator running is important. It needs 700 watts to keep running and 1200 watts as surge power. If you still have your pump and air conditioning or space heater running, your generator will provide enough power to keep the fridge running. 

You can also run an electric stove on the 5000 watts’ generator as the running wattage is 1500 and there is no surge requirement. Moreover, the microwave, as well as the coffeemaker, require 800 watts and the toaster requires 850 watts, both of which can be easily accommodated by a 5000-watt generator. Apart from this, the dishwasher needs only 300 watts to run. All of these appliances can be run simultaneously given that the limit does not exceed. Just keep in mind the surge wattage for each of these before plugging them in.


Electronics are relatively light on the generator. Most of them don’t have any surge watts and the rated wattage is also quite low which makes it easier to power them. You can power almost all of them with a 5000-watt generator. A television or a computer might take only under 400 watts which is pretty easy for the generator.

Moreover, a generator like this can power other electric appliances like hairdryer, radio, lamps, electric blanket, fan, portable electric heater, and other devices that have a power rating below 5000 watts.

Electric Water heater

In colder areas, living without hot water seems impossible. A 5000 watts’ generator can take over this and provide you with hot water even when you have no power. In this case, it is important to be careful because a water heater has 4500 surge watts and 3500 running watts. Just like the pump you might need to connect it to the generator before any other appliances and be careful that the engine does not overload.


Generators are a must-have if you like to travel in luxury and frequently have camping trips. Generators make camping trips a lot easier and interesting. You don’t need to suffer the downsides of camping with a generator on the hand.

People usually take it with them for air conditioning or heat and using it as a supply for power. A generator this big can easily power a large RV including the kitchen, a small air conditioner or heater and lights with enough wattage to spare.

If you own a small RV, it’s even better. On a small RV, this generator will save you the problem of just running a few appliances and you can run those appliances simultaneously. A 5000 watt generator can manage the whole grid for a small RV. 

This will certainly make an excellent choice if you want to travel in style and luxury at your doorstep. You can enjoy camping and picnics without having to worry about the heat or cold. You can enjoy great food in the kitchen and make coffee too.

Power Tools

Major problems with power are often encountered at construction or work sites. The sites are barren with no power supply. In such places, generators are a beacon of hope that provides power to run machinery for construction. To find the best generator for your site you need to have a rough count of all the machinery you need to power.

A construction site usually has:

  • A Chainsaw (1500 watts)
  • An electric leaf blower (1000 watts)
  • Table Saw (1800 watts)
  • Portable air compressor (1 to 1.5 horsepower)
  • Electric drill (600 watts)
  • Circular saw (1400 watts) and many others. 

All of these are quite important tools in construction and may need to be run simultaneously. However, if you want to use a few of them then you must be careful not to exceed the surge power. In all truth, a 5000-watt generator may not be enough for a large sight but it may work for a small one.


A generator helps you cope with power cuts by providing a backup supply. We hope that this guide would have answered the question “what can a 5000 watt generator run”?

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For some 5000 watts may be too much power and others too less. This largely depends on the usage of the generator. For running one or two large appliances you need to be smart and pair them in a way that it does not overload the engine. 

Smaller appliances don’t cause much load. Choosing a generator needs to be a smart decision so it is advised to focus greatly on its use before buying one.