Generac GP2200i vs Honda EU2200i

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Generac vs HondaInverter technology has taken over most  electrical appliances. With better running time, efficiency, and compatibility, they are far more superior to their conventional counterparts. So is the case with inverter generators.

Inverter generators have a quieter and much smoother function than the ordinary rectifying generators. Thanks to higher fuel efficiency, you can save money on gas. But inverter models can differ significantly in terms of portability and peak wattage.

Buying a portable generator can be a tough decision because of all the option available such as portability, engine, durability, controls, pricing, and much more.

From tailgating, camping, and construction sites, portable inverter generators can serve as a trustworthy and efficient source of power. If you want to enjoy your trip to the fullest, all you need is a reliable power backup source, and we can help you find a suitable portable generator that can cater to all your needs.

We have carried out extensive research and concluded these are my top two favorite generators. Both of them exhibit the best features; hence, they are the leading products in the market. So without further wasting a minute, let’s dig into their elements.

Generac GP2200i Inverter Generator

Generac is one of the best companies in the market, producing quality generators. Their generators have been a top pick for stand by power backups for homes, camping, or construction sites.

Their newly introduced range of portable inverter generator includes this amazing GP2200i, that is certainly worth buying. The generator is equipped with the best features that are going to attract any potential buyer. It is an affordable and long-lasting solution for all your power backup problems.


Quiet Operation: The amazing generator by Generac operates without producing any considerable amount of noise. The fully enclosed design and fantastic economy mode is the reason behind GP2200i’s low noise. The generator produces a maximum of 70bd noise, which is considered as an Eco-friendly noise level.

Lightweight and Portable: The highlighting feature of the Generac generator is its compact and portable nature. The fantastic generator weighs approximately 46lbs, making it one of the most lightweight generators available in the market. To enhance its portability, the generator is equipped with a handle that makes it carrying around a breeze.

Startup: The startup dial makes this generator beginner-friendly. The dial is integrated with Run, Choke, and Stop modes. These modes greatly aid in starting and controlling the generator efficiently.

Capacity: Generac’s amazing generator can house up to 1.2 gallons of fuel so that it can run longer than most of the 2000 Watt generators. It is estimated that this beast can run for more than 7 hours at half load. Considering its size with its capacity, the generator is a fierce competitor.

Eco Mode: The amazing economy mode is an excellent way of cutting costs and power. When switched to Eco mode, the engine functions are minimized, and the working speed is reduced to save fuel. Although the speed is reduced, the generator continues to function the same way. Moreover, the sound levels are also reduced with the Eco mode.

Indicating Lights: The heavy-duty beast is well-equipped with indicators that effectively communicate when the machine is low on oil, overloaded or ready-to-use.

Parallel Capability: The generator can be connected parallel to another Generac GP2200i to increase the load capacity for the appliances connected. This is a great option when the load capacity increases the total load.

USB port: The USB port is an effective way of charging small portable devices like mobile phones or ipads.

Automatic Shutdown: When low on fuel, the generator turns off automatically, so the engine does not suffer from any damage.


  • Beginner Friendly.
  • Easy to carry and transport.
  • Built-in handle for handling it with ease.
  • Economy mode for cutting down on fuel and saving money.
  • Eco-friendly sound operation.
  • Startup modes for efficiently controlling the generator.
  • Huge fuel capacity with up to 7 non-stop working hours.
  • LED indicators for indicating low fuel and overloading.
  • Parallel connection with a Generac GP2200i for sharing load capacity.
  • A USB port for charging small devices.
  • Automatic shut down for increasing the longevity of the engine.
  • Two years Warranty.


  • The economy mode cannot be used at higher loads.
  • Extra accessories like funnel do not come in the package.

What Do The Customers Think?

About 215 customers have reviewed this product on Amazon, and up to 80% of the customers think that this is a great product. Customers think Generac’s GP2200i is a fierce competitor for well-known brands like Honda. It has excellent value for money and is a great option for dealing with power outages.

This is an excellent way to keep your appliances like refrigerator, microwave, and television running even in emergencies. People are quite satisfied with its lightweight and compactness. Besides, its large fuel tank and long-running hours have also been appreciated by the users.

Honda EU2200i Generator

Honda is one of the longest-running companies that is producing exceptional products. The brand is well-known for its fantastic quality and durability. Each product is better than the last one. And so is their EU2200i Generator, which is an improved version of the EU2000i generator.

The EU2200i model is equipped with inverter technology and is lightweight. It is one of the most popular portable generators available in the market and is worth its value.



Lightweight: The amazing generator weighs as low as 46 lbs – one of the very few lightweight generators available. It has a portable design with a carrying handle to transport and store the generator easily.

Noise Level: The Honda Generator is highly Eco-friendly. It produces sound as low as 48-57dbs, sounds less than a normal conversation. The low operational sound is a great attraction for many potential buyers.

Fuel Capacity: The large fuel tank can hold up to 0.95 gallons of fuel at maximum. The fuel-efficient nature of the generator lets the engine takes up the least volume of fuel and produces the maximum wattage. Although the fuel tank is smaller than a gallon but the beast works better than most of the generators with a larger tank. At a quarter load, the generator can run for 8 hours efficiently while at 100% load, it can work a maximum of 3 hours.

Easy to Use: The Honda EU2200i is super easy to control and manage. The sides and the front is bundled with controls for managing the functionality and startup procedure of the beast. To further simplify the startup procedure, the manufacturers have colored the operational contacts points painted gray. Clear identification of the knobs makes this generator a user-friendly machine.

Fuel Shutdown: This amazing capability of Honda EU2200i generator turns off the engine when low on fuel. It runs the machine till the last drops of fuel but then turns it off, so no damages are incurred on the engine. This increases the life of the generator and gives you the best value for your money.

LED Indicators: The control panel is equipped with indicators that inform the user when the generator is low on oil, overloaded, or just working properly. When overloaded, the wattage can be adjusted to divide the load rightly.

Parallel Operation: The EU2200i is equipped with two connectors, so another Honda EU2200i generator can be connected parallel to it. The parallel connection aids in increasing the total wattage, so the generator does not trip when a lot of appliances are connected.


  • A bigger and powerful engine that delivers 20% more power.
  • It can handle up to 1800 to 2200 watts.
  • Lightweight and easy to store and transport.
  • Fuel efficient.
  • Longer oil stout and a large drainer for a more natural oil change.
  • Easy to understand startup procedure
  • Metal recoil rope inserts for greater durability.
  • Automatic Fuel Shut Off.
  • Super quiet.
  • Inverter technology, so suitable for power-sensitive devices.
  • LED indicators that indicate the state of the generator.
  • DC battery charging port.
  • Parallel connectivity so load can be distributed.
  • Three years of residential and commercial warranty.


  • Not available at an economical price.
  • No USB ports for charging smaller devices.

What Do Customers Think?

Honda EU2200i generator has been rated by about 290 customers, and the average rating is 4.7 out of 5. Most of the customers who have reviewed this product think that this is an amazing product and is most definitely worth its value. People are attracted to their quiet and portable nature, and the reasons are quite evident.

The robust engine has received quite a lot of appreciation. The generator is quite reliable and works amazingly with bigger appliances like air conditioners. Overall, the customers are quite satisfied with their purchase. The only consistent concern is its price, which is covered with its long-lasting life.

Buying Guide For Generators

It is not easy to know what features to consider and what not to while buying a sound generator. So we have concluded them, so you don’t get confused while buying one. Have a look at the guide below.

Technology: The generators can either have rectifying properties or have inverter technology. The inverter technology generators are far more superior to the ordinary rectifying ones because of their greater compatibility with devices. Inverters convert AC into DC, so they work better with the power-sensitive appliances by providing them with a more accurate wattage.

Fuel Tank and Efficiency: This is one of the most important things to consider. The capacity of the fuel tank indicates the maximum fuel input, so you know how much fuel is consumed each time the generator works.

Larger fuel tanks mean that the tank needs to be refilled less often, but that is only when the generator is fuel-efficient. To check the efficiency, check out the working hours of the generator with different load capacities. Generators with larger load capacities and lesser fuel consumption are the most efficient ones.

Engine and Wattage: The generators are entirely dependent on the strength of their engines. For the beast to run perfectly, a sturdy engine is necessary. Well, you can’t examine an engine of a generator, but you can do this by comparing their input fuel and output wattages. Suitable generators have higher output wattages and can run for more extended periods, without tripping.

Usage: It may not seem important while buying, but once you start using it, you will understand the importance of considering it. The generator should be user as well as beginner-friendly. A complicated startup procedure can make its usage a nuisance. So make sure to check that the generator works perfectly fine and is easy to use as well.


Both of the generators are an excellent option to consider for reliable power backups. They both are equipped with the best features and give an outstanding value for the money spent.

Their inverter technology makes them perfect for connection with power-sensitive devices. Since they both are lightweight so you can use them at home or carry them super easy to a construction site or even on a camping trip, they both are the top picks from a popular online shopping website.

Both of them have received fantastic reviews, and if you are a potential buyer then, none of these is going to prove as an amazing purchase.