How Long Can A Generac Generator Run Continuously

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Generators have become one of the integral parts of our lives. From being the source of power at parties and campfires etc. to ensure continuous power supply during electricity shortages and failures, we depend on a generator more than we think we do. There’s no denying that Generac generators are good in performance. however, there’s always a debate regarding how long can a Generac generator run continuously?

In this article, you will get to know the answer to this question. So keep on reading.

We don’t need to rely on a generator for a prolonged period of time on a continuous basis regularly. But in case of an emergency or a power shortage that could last for a couple of hours, it is important to know whether the generator will be able to serve you or not. 

Therefore, the question of how long can a Generac generator run continuously is a question that must have popped in your head. 

Types Of Generator & Running Times:

The amount of time for which a generator can be used continuously depends on a number of factors. But the most important aspect is the type of generator you are using. There are three main categories in which the generators can be divided. Let’s dive into their details and estimated running time:

Gasoline Portable Generators:

Gasoline Portable Generators have the lowest running time out of all generators. The main limitation of this category of generators is the fact that it cannot be refueled when in use. Gasoline generators tend to heat up really quickly and fueling them while they are hot can lead to sparks. 

Therefore, with gasoline generators, one has to depend on the running time that the generator can provide when running on a full tank. Typically, these generators can run for around twelve hours continuously. There are some options that come with a comparatively bigger fuel tank too, and they can run for eighteen to twenty hours straight. 

Propane Portable Generators:

One of the biggest perks of using a propane-based portable generator is the fact that it can be refueled while in use, unlike the gasoline-based portable generators. Therefore, a quick hack can be to use two propane tanks rather than one and link them to the generator through a single gas line. 

Whenever one of the tanks starts running low on propane, the tank can easily be refilled. This way you can prolong the running time of the generator significantly. But this does not mean that you can use the generator forever. This is because typically, every propane portable generator needs maintenance after every one hundred hours of operation.

Another factor that one must bear in mind is the fact that generators can produce a very minimal amount of heat; especially for the first day or two of use. But as time passes, the heat production also increases. Therefore, it can be safely stated that propane-based generators run for nearly one hundred to one hundred and fifty hours without any break. All that will be needed is to keep an eye on the levels of the propane tanks and keep refilling them. 

Standby Generators:

If you are looking for a generator that can be used for the longest time period continuously, standby generators are the type of generators you should be looking for. This category of generators is the one that can run for the longest amount of time continuously. 

As the name indicates, these generators will offer excellent support during electrical shortage emergencies. The motors and build of these generators are specifically planned to make them last longer. Not only this, but their fuel tanks are also large in size so they can be used for a prolonged period of time. Generally, the capacity of the fuel tanks is around five hundred to one thousand gallons. 

These generators are undoubtedly the best type of generators for someone who is looking for a generator that can be used for hours at end without any trouble. You just need to be careful about the appliances that you plug-in when you are using the standby generator as a power source. Using too many appliances together can lead to damage. 

Therefore, make sure that you only plug the electrical appliances that are in use. Moreover, also try to cut down on the number of appliances as much as possible and connect only the appliances that are extremely necessary. 

If you wish to know more about the generator types then give this extensive generator guide a read.

Running Time Of  A Generac Generator:

Now coming back to the main question i.e. how long can a Generac generator run continuously. Generac is not a new name when it comes to generators. They are actually amongst the most renowned generator manufacturers in the market. They are especially known for the longer duration they can run for. 

Generac generators can be used for a long time interval without any break. But, you need to keep several factors in mind to make the most of it. Generac generators also come in three different fuel variations i.e. diesel, natural gas, and propane. If you are planning a long weekend camping trip or are at risk of facing an electrical shortage for hours or maybe even days, you need to ensure that you are prepared. Depending upon the type of fuel that your generator uses, be prepared, and have a couple of fuel tanks at hand. 

What About Natural Gas Generator?

In the case of the natural gas generator, you don’t need to stock up on fuel. The generator can be used as long as there is no interruption in the gas supply. For the generators that use diesel or propane, on a full tank, the generator can easily operate between twenty-four to seventy-two hours. This comes out to be nearly one to six days. But this time frame can vary from the generator to generator based on the size of its fuel tank. 

But if you follow the trick of using multiple fuel cans and connecting them through a single connection line, and keep refilling them, this time period can actually be extended. Generac generators require an oil change and maintenance after being used for two hundred operational hours. Therefore, you can easily run a Generac generator for up to two hundred hours. As soon as you hit the two hundred hour mark, you will have to turn off the generator for a while, change the oil and then switch it back ON. Changing the generator oil is not a huge deal. It is a very simple process and requires no more than twenty to thirty minutes at max. 

Running The Generator Overnight:

When running a generator continuously, it is obvious that you will need to run it overnight as well. People tend to be a bit careless when running the generators continuously. This is especially true when running the generator at night. 

Some of the factors to consider include the noise level, fuel tank capacity, and heat generation. 

If you have a generator that is quiet, the noise level should not be a major concern for you. However, in case the generator is noisy, you will have to reduce the noise levels. You do not want your neighbors complaining about the buzzing sound of your generator. 

Heat Generation

The other concern would be the heat generation. As time goes by, the heat generation of the generator increases. Therefore, it is crucial that you keep the generator in a properly ventilated area. The generator should be in an area where there is ample airflow; moreover, be sure that the heat is not trapped. 

Therefore, a rooftop or an open space can be the best place to keep a generator; especially when it has to be run for a long period of time. 

Last but not the least, the tank capacity of the generator is a significant factor. In order to keep running the generator for a long period of time, the fuel tank has to be refilled. Keeping an eye on the level of the fuel tank is therefore important. 

We recommend that you check your fuel tank every two hours. 


In a nutshell, the answer to the question of how long can a Generac generator run continuously is for around two hundred hours at an end. You just need to be wise, proactive, and careful. 

Make sure that the fuel tank is filled properly and in time. Moreover, change the oil of the generator as soon as it hits the two hundred operational hours mark. Also, make sure that the generator is placed at a properly ventilated area. Lastly, make sure that noise and heat generation is the lowest. 

Be mindful of a couple of things and you will be able to keep the generator running continuously for hours even days if you are careful and vigilant.