Westinghouse WPro8500 Whole House Generator Review

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Are you looking for a cost-efficient whole house generator? Or a secure and protected power system for your Jobsite or home? We have the solution for you.

You cannot always predict the need for a backup. You have to plan for it. Therefore, there must be some power system in the state of readiness. And, to run smoothly at the time of emergency, it demands perfect maintenance. 

Here’s where Westinghouse WPro8500 Whole House Generator comes into play.

Portable professional whole house generators are highly equipped with advanced features to meet your demands.

They can make your life easier with their quick start and meters to know the exact performance for worry-free usage.

This Westinghouse WPro8500 is a low maintenance system with all advanced features that are performance-based. The portability of the product will show you a higher level of accuracy and convenience in your work.

It’s specially made for professionals with top quality steel material to bear the tough wears of Jobsite.

It’s delicate at the same time as you can run it at your home with all home appliances safely. No need to sink or swim with the running power as it’s under control with Westinghouse. 

Let’s have a detailed review of the most attractive features to know the power of WPro8500.

Features Of Westinghouse WPro8500 Whole House Generator 

Electric Start Option

The WPro8500 is user-friendly options. It has an electric start switch and a most convenient remote start key fob. It’s engineered for job sites so remote can be used even from 109 yards away.

So, this is allowing easy ignition while you’re working at a distance.

Heavy-duty yet smart

A specially built engine for professionals. The WPro8500 is both tough and portable to carry out industrial level jobs. This heavy-duty generator is engineered by a cast iron sleeve.

Internal components are made forged for a 457cc 4-Stroke engine. This super-duty industrial whole house generator utilizes 8500 watts to 11500 peak watts.

So, this power generator is heavy-duty but it’s smart because it has Low Oil Shutdown. This will allow you a solution to use it without any worry and damage to your most functional helper.

Helpful Lift Hook

A Convenient lift hook on the WPro85000 will facilitate you to move this wrestler to the job. The lifting hook is helped by 10-inch, heavy-duty wheels to perform the job of transporting.

A foam grip handle can be another addition to easy transportation.

 of wherever you need to take it.

Full Panel GFCI

Now there’s no fear of handling this powerful generator. Full panel GFCI prevents any kind of electrocution or potential shock. It provides industry-standard safety and ensures the protection of the entire circuit from potential shock.

No doubts on any outlet on the WPro8500, enjoy the peace of mind.

Harmonic Distortion is less than 5% in total, so the WPro8500 is going to power your most sensitive electronics even. A safe power to your laptops or cell phones.

Advanced technology:

This whole house generator is easy to maintain due to its advanced technology. It comes with the VFT Data Center that shows accurate performance information. This data can keep you informed of regular maintenance.

It keeps you up to date about the voltage frequency, voltage output, and lifetime hours for perfect maintenance.

Advanced technology enables the generator to regulate voltage automatically, and control overload protection as well.

Energy Saving Mode

A most attractive feature that offers energy saving ability. It reduces the fuel consumption on your WPro8500. Avail it by an easy option with the Automatic Idle Control. This robust engine can automatically go down with no load. So, no wastage of gas that is hassle-free.

Attractive specifications:

This 216-pound workhorse has 17. 5 Hour Run Time. It’s 6.6-gallon fuel tank is with a user-friendly built-in-fuel gauge.

This gallon capacity allows your generator to work for at least 17 hrs, all day long. No more interruption to your professional work.

This professional generator has 8500 Running Watts and 11500 Peak Watts to fulfill all the needs of your toughest jobs.

Package includes:

A 12V battery charger, a tool kit, oil, a funnel, and most importantly a user’s manual. All accessories allow you to use your most desired generator right out of the box.

It is easy to assemble and easy to use the product.

Warranty and Support:

The WPro8500 has given a 3-Year limited warranty and 1-year commercial warranty. This offer will add more value to your purchase.

This doesn’t end here. In fact, you also get a Lifetime Technical Support by nationwide customer service and it’s no secret that Westinghouse has a very strong support network.


  • Rugged steel frame for heavy-duty built.
  • Built-in fuel gauge
  • Lifting hook included
  • Jobsite ready with Osha compliant full panel GFCI
  • 6.6-gallon large gas fuel tank
  • Electric and Remote start
  • Dual 120-volt outlets and 2 USB ports


  • In some cases, wheels are less efficient


The ease of use with a remote startup or working for 17.5 hrs long can make it outstanding among other brands.

It’s the most reliable product with its durability, safety measures, and user-friendly features like fuel gauge or low oil auto shut.

More than 95% of customers are satisfied with their purchase. So, you can trust the brand and get Westinghouse WPro8500 Whole House Generator for you.

Choose one for you to power back with the most reliable and convenient source.

If you wish to know more about generators, then have a look at this detailed generator guide.