What will a 3500 watt generator run?

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Do you own a generator or are you planning to purchase one? I am sure you are wondering how much power you need or what will it run? Confusion always arises when we speak about the capacity of generators and this article will enlighten you about the basics of running a 3500-watt generator. Please continue reading as I explain…

What is a Generator?

A generator is a device that people use to supply electricity during power interruptions. Generators enable people to continue their daily activities and business operations despite the power disruption. This device features various electrical and mechanical configurations for different applications.

A generator does not create electrical energy instead it uses mechanical energy from the movement of the motor and converts it into electrical current. That is how we get the power! Knowing the ‘size’ of your generator will also help you determine how many appliances it can run. Sizing the generator to the correct wattage is necessary to avoid generator overload (an overloaded condition is when you are trying to run more appliances than the generator can handle) this will cause the generator to need repair and can also damage the appliances you are trying to operate.

What appliances can a 3500-watt generator run?

A 3500-watt generator is one of the best options for emergency backup electricity as it is capable of supplying power to run several medium sized household appliances at the same time. It will provide around 14 amps at 240 volts or 28 amps at standard 120 volt power.

Here are some items that will run on a 3500-watt generator:

In a household setting:

  • Energy saving LED or CFL lights which consume about 14 watts each
  • A freezer, which on average consumes about 700 watts and needs 2100 to start
  • A refrigerator which needs 2100 to start and on average consumes 700 watts
  • A 1/3 hp sump pump which on average use 516 watts and needs 1550 to start

In a Recreational Vehicle setting:

  • Blender 850 Watts
  • Electric Grill 1650 Watts
  • Hair Dryer 1900 Watts
  • Coffee maker 600 Watts
  • Electric heater, 1500 Watts
  • Flat screen Television 120 Watts
  • Laptop PC 225 Watts
  • Portable Fan 120 Watts
  • DVD player 350 Watts

It is important to note that the above-mentioned items should not be plugged in at the same time and assumes that the generator has a starting surge capacity of 25%. Running all the appliances at the same time may cause damage to the generator. Being aware of the capacity of the generator is necessary as you will be able to prepare and plan which appliances should you run without causing any damage or overload.

Why should you choose a 3500-watt generator?

Always consider what type of essential appliances you will be running through the generator before purchasing one. There are a few things that should be looked into such as the voltage or capacity of the appliance and the amount of fuel that you will be needed while the engine is operating.

Ideal for running single or multiple appliances

Choose a 3500-watt generator if your main purpose is to power up the household lighting, small appliances, or items that are used in everyday life such as the refrigerator, freezer, well and sump pumps. With the 3500-watt generator, your daily household activities and level of comfort will not be compromised. Most generators in the same range have a weight of 150 pounds which is relatively light and easy to move around.

Affordable and has a low operational cost

The 3500-watt generator is fuel efficient. In fact, you can keep an inverter generator running for 8 or 10 hours using only 2 to 3 gallons of gas.

In addition, most generators with a 3500-watt capacity are affordable and are widely available.

The Verdict

A generator is a device that serves as an electric alternative during power outage. It comes with various configurations and features that are suited for different applications. There are also points to consider when choosing to buy a generator including the type of appliances that you will be running, fuel consumption and the right wattage for the device.

A 3500-watt generator is recommended for running various small or medium devices at the same time. It is important to know the electrical requirements of every appliance that you will be running to ensure efficient use and overall safety. The 3500-watt generator can conveniently power up a few lights, fridge, freezer, AC, etc. Learning how to prioritize which appliance or item needs power is helpful for your own convenience.

A 3500-watt generator is also ideal if you need to power up lights and a few other items while you are camping. In fact, you will have the luxury to charge your gadgets while in the middle of a jungle camp.

These are just few items that will run in a 3500-watt generator. It still depends on you to work out the best way to ensure that all of your power needs are covered. Remember to study the basics of operating a generator to avoid damage and other accidents. Safety first before anything!

But, the final verdict is… a 3500-watt generator is versatile as you can take it anywhere and can power up those essential appliance without any issues. It is also adaptable to all settings and can be moved easily as most of them are quite lightweight. Lastly, you can save because it is fuel efficient!